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Custom publishing is a very new and fast-growing area in Asia. In the past, corporations and public-listed companies would rely on average writers and designers to produce internal communications, but those days are fast receding.

Globalisation and rapid industrialisation means a clear and present need to improve the quality and clarity of such communication mediums.

Khoo Publishing steps into that void.

We are able to understand your business and consistently communicate it in a clear and attractive way over a variety of formats, both on- and offline.

We focus on corporates and listed companies and count Guinness Anchor Bhd., KEN Holdings Bhd., Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group, Hwang Investment Management Bhd., TIME dotCom Bhd and InvestKL among our clients.

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TIME dotCom Delivers 100Mbps Home Broadband

  • 100Mbps Home Broadband Service, Fastest-Ever to Malaysian Homes
  • Powered by the Only 100% Pure Fibre Network to High-Rise Residential Homes
  • RM179 Per Month with Zero Entry Cost, No Rental Fees and No Equipment Deposits

Shah Alam, 4 September 2012 - TIME dotCom Bhd ("TIME" or "the Group") today launched TIME Fibre 100Mbps Home Broadband, Malaysia's fastest home broadband service with speeds up to 100Mbps, responding to customer demands for greater speed and reliability.
TIME's package offers 100Mbps priced at RM179 per month, a combination that no other existing home broadband package comes close to. The maximum speed currently offered in Malaysia is just 30Mbps. TIME's 100% fibre optic network reaches approximately 100,000 homes in the Klang Valley and Penang.
Exactly how fast is 100Mbps broadband? It's up to 5 times faster than our competitors' best offering to download movies, or share 100 high resolution photos on Facebook. Avid users of social networking sites will be able to upload YouTube videos in a matter of seconds.

"We're going to blow everyone out of the water with this product," said Afzal Abdul Rahim, Chief Executive Officer of TIME dotCom Bhd. "At these speeds, we are offering home users a high-speed internet experience currently unmatched anywhere in Malaysia".
TIME introduced fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) to the Malaysian market in early 2010, using state-of-the-art fibre optic technology. Today, TIME remains the only operator to deliver 100% fibre to customers' premises in high-rise buildings. What's more, the network will in future be upgradeable to support higher data rates, meeting the ever-increasing demands of a data-hungry market. 
"Today, we are bringing Malaysia up to speed," said Afzal. "We're raising the bar for Malaysia's Internet service - it puts us at least on par with - or better than - many developed countries around the world."
For more information on TIME Fibre 100Mbps Home Broadband, visit www.time.com.my or check service availability in your area at http://www.time.com.my/help/availabilitysearch.asp
The Reason for Our Existence
Custom publishing is fast becoming a real and viable proposition for Malaysian corporates who are too focused on running their business to manage -- well -- a dizzying plethora of materials that are required touch points for their customers and stakeholders.
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Looking for different ways to motivate staff members?  Check out our special motivational posters!
Sample markets:
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